Horse Rug Cleaning, Washing and Repair Services.

Willowcroft is the horse rug cleaning and repair service to use in the Highlands and North of Scotland. With many years of experience in the equine laundry field we can offer you a fast and reliable turn around on any number of your horses rugs, Numnahs, girths etc.

Waterproofing, repairs, fitting a horse rug or alterations are not a problem to our team. We only use large commercial washing machines that have been programmed to give the best results. We also carry out leather repairs or alterations to bridles, girth straps, boots,  chaps etc. Boots can also be altered and broken zips for more details of what we can do for you.

Rug Repairs.

Our experienced machinist carries out all horse rug repairs ‘in house’ and we will advise you if the repair is economically viable or not. 

Invariably they are!

We endeavour to keep the cost of repairs as low as possible and have sourced various suppliers of quality rug fittings and materials at the most competitive prices.

We have heard some horror stories of repair pricing and intend not to be one of them. Our repairs start from As little as £6.00.

Price list

Call us on 01463 831320 or 07736 647197.

At Willowcroft we have a policy of recycling badly damaged horse rugs. If the material is still serviceable, we will wash and re-proof the rug. This enables us to colour match and use the same manufacturer’s material in a repair whenever required.  If you have any rugs that are beyond repair drop them off with us.

Rug Washing

All rugs are cleaned using industrial size machines with optimised programmes just for washing and re-proofing horse rugs. The rugs are individually cleaned and air dried to stop shrinkage or extra wear from tumble drying. The products used are environmentally friendly using all natural chemicals for cleaning.

Rug Re-Proofing

This process is performed in the washing machine so all the rug is treated, the outer, inner wadding and lining. The frequency of re-proofing depends on the age of the rug; a re-proofing treatment should last for a season and is recommended to be done each year.

It is recommended that rugs are re-proofed every year, after they are a year old. Even the little sunlight we get in the UK's winters has enough UV light to help breakdown the water proof qualities of of a synthetic turn out rug.

One may say that we are going to recommend rug re-proofing because we will charge extra for it, but what we charge to re-proof your rug is less than you will pay for a bottle of re-proofer from your tack shop and you don't have to mess about with dustbins full of water and trying to dry your rug afterwards.


01463 831320
07736 647197